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Better Future has been appointed by Mercer to handle their services in Greece. Mercer’s Surveys with coverage of 100+ global industries, can provide you with the most updated decision making tools.

Hi-Tech Industry Turnover

Insights from Mercer 2015

Source: Mercer’s 2015 Greece Total Remuneration Survey, August 2015

Despite the ongoing economic depreciation of the Greek economy, Hi-tech industry is the most rigorous in increasing their staff. Will the most innovative industry break the vicious cycle of Greek unemployment levels?

Generations: Greek Market Separation

Insights from Mercer 2015

Source: Mercer’s 2015 Greece Total Remuneration Survey, August 2015

More than 60% of the employees in Greece are between the Age of 35-50. On the other hand, less than 1% are at the younger age of 24 years old.

Greece Gender Distribution

Insights from Mercer 2015

Source: Mercer’s 2015 Greece Total Remuneration Survey, August 2015

One fourth of women hold an executive level in the Greek market. On the other hand, 40% are at a Para-Professional Level. There is room for improvement regarding Gender Diversity in Greece. If you need more insights regarding Gender inequalities:read more here

Turnover Cost

Insights from Mercer 2015

How easily can the total impact of the employee turnover be measured? We always consider measuring the direct impact of turnover, however, there is a serious amount of indirect cost. Which are the Best Practices

Greece Business Perceptions

Insights from Mercer

Source: The Human Capital Report 2015

Mercer in collaboration with World Economic Forum, publishes the Human Capital Report. Some key findings regarding Greece are:

  • Greece is ranked in the 40th place in Human Capital Index
  • Labour Force Participation Rate 53,2%
  • 46% More Aged people than upcoming workforce.
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Mercer Salary Movement Snapshot

Insights from Mercer

Source: Mercer's 2015 Greece Salary Movement Snapshot December Version

A quarterly snapshot survey providing relevant, consistent and up-to-date salary movement data for a single market, or up to 85 markets across Europe, the Middle East, and Africa (EMEA). Participate and get a free copy of the report


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